She’s my Rachel shirt. Mr. Field was correct in his actions. As much as Greenpeace state that they were no threat, because they were wearing a sash, no-one was to know that. How many terrorists wear sashes proclaiming that they are about to attack? She could easily have had a weapon or noxious substance. Cliff Gizzy Yes And maybe even a thermonuclear device. We could all at some point in our lives be wearing a garment that could be hiding something. Overreaction by an MP. Riccardo Cranica how did anyone know it was a peaceful protest at the time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. In any event, I agree with the action being taken against these and other protests. I for one would drive through a climate protest impeding me.

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She’s my Rachel shirt. Cliff Gizzy you are quite right. Anybody could stand up in a gathering and claim to be an innocent protester. The Manchester Bomber didn’t have a sign saying “bomber here”. He looked just like many other people there. You don’t have time to establish her bona fides and those here who blandly say you shouldn’t react like that are naive to the point of stupidity. Ask Jo Cox’s family if they would have been grateful for a response like this one. Most of the people here have never been in this situation and hopefully never will be. Aitken Smith, you might like to ask Sri Lankan’s how many have been killed by female suicide bombers. Or the families of those killed in the Russian cinema or school attacks where women played a significant role. IS frequently use women to deliver attacks so your western mentality is way off base here.


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