Shitters full Camping shirt. Zach Johnson So yet another one of his supporters don’t actually know history, huh? Hitler didn’t start with the ovens genius. He started with mass deportations. When it became too costly, he went on an “all Jews need to be ‘temporarily’ housed in camps” campaign… telling the people that all of their problems were because of the Jews… taking their jobs and living off of the system. Sound familiar? Replace “Jews” with “Mexicans” and it’s the same exact thing he’s doing now. The only difference? His supporters don’t need to be brainwashed like the people of Germany were. They’re actually stupid enough to believe every word that comes out of the man baby’s mouth. Miloni Devani it’s the other way round as a symbol of peace in many Euro Asian cultures.

Shitters full Camping shirt, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt, sweater, and ladies-tee


Ladies Tee


V neck T-shirt

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Shitters full Camping shirt, I have a dinner service from the 1930s with it on the pattern when it meant peace. Greg Swensen Because someone doesn’t support Trump, they have to be on food stamps? That’s logic for you. I’m not on food stamps and I can’t stand him. I’m on dialysis AND I work and support my daughter. Where’s your Trump logic for that? Please grace me with your wisdom. Karyn Van Kainen says the blind Koolaid swilling socialism supporting sheep that is led around by emotion rather than reason. Your sad display of ignorance is alarming! Janet Mills Taylor, you are so wrong about that, the lady that Clinton was messing with was in her twenties, the one Trump was messing was not. If you are going to say these things, then at least do some research first. They are both guilty, but only one was underage.


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