Shut Up Liver I Bought The Drink Package Shirt. It has proven over the centuries people of any independent nation can not live under dictatorial powers time will witness the freedom of people is the power to move the mountains China is ruled by dictator not a government of people’s choice China in the future will be Democratic Nation but it will take time. Freedom? China will never give them the kind of unfettered freedom or democracy that they want. The British didnt do so either! They just sent many white men over to govern HK. Get your facts straight and educate yourself. Formex Teo China literally sent triads to assault the protesters, the police turned violent towards the protesters before the protesters did anything. The police aren’t even from Hong Kong, just mainlanders who follow orders from Beijing and can barely speak any Cantonese themselves.

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Shut Up Liver I Bought The Drink Package Shirt. Lauren well basically they do own HK and always will. You right they cannot own the people but I believe only the minority want to break from China. Won’t happen and won’t get democracy. Sorry, they are fighting for the most precious thing in the world known as ” freedom”, the final victory will be yours as the truth will prevail always at the end. What kind of joke by saying this law enforcement is from China…you dun even speak their language n you can assume such comment. Your eyes only see one side …peaceful protester dun to put on mask n carry the weapon. Every country n state its lawn order…see how the West police deal with their protester..need not say more. You virtually do not understand HK n China ppl.


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