Skillet 24th Anniversary 1996 2020 Signature Shirt. Liam T Elba Gail Ashton “Evil?” Bit dramatic. Your views are so bonkers they make no sense. You’ve happily decided to forget who is really damaging this nation in favor of binning off foreigners who are way more eager to work than our own people. Gail Ashton Liam T Elba and just to set the record straight I am not racist in any way shape or form. I am all for foreigners living and working in the UK as long as they do work and adhere to our laws & religion and assimilate into UK society. Nacho Shaw If Banksy is so elusive, how did he manage to get up there and paint in the first place without getting seen or caught? It’s not like he can quickly rustle up a 50′ square bit of graffiti on a 60′ ladder.

Skillet 24th Anniversary 1996 2020 Signature Shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt





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Skillet 24th Anniversary 1996 2020 Signature Shirt. Aaron Wicnrek This is why the UK will end up with their own Trump, because of many of the extremist left-wingers in these comments. You types helped get America Trump, why don’t you just keep being so arrogant and prejudiced. Thanks for sticking us with an insolent child as president because your so interested in smelling your own farts and calling everyone Nazis. If there is a rise in white supremacy, it’s because of you idiots. Liam T Elba Gail Ashton What is our religion? We are a secular nation these days. Jacqui Evans Nacho Shaw scaffolding went up on building no one thought anything of it, it’s in such bad repair. When the scaffolding came down there it was. It really was that simple. People only noticed this scaffolding because of Banksy. Otherwise, no one would have taken any notice again.

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    i like it this my dream shirt

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