Skull Horror Movie Characters Shirt. I don’t know who made his make up, but some makeup artists from American Horror Story did it. If you want to find out who exactly made his makeup, you can search it on Google. Although it’s not an anime, Homunculus is the most messed up, disturbing manga I have EVER read and this is coming from someone who reads horror novels and watches horror movies for fun. While I enjoy horror manga, this one was just plain disturbing and wrong on so many levels. To sum it up, it’s about a man who’s homeless and lives in his car as he’s lost everything and one day he’s approached by a medical student researching trepanation.

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Skull Horror Movie Characters Shirt. “No, no”, he said, as he cradled my skull in his misshapen hands, gently grating the fractured bones against each other. “You misunderstand me; I want you to live, forever and ever and ever, with me.”. because of the patterns on its thorax that look like a human skull. What’s significant is that, when you enlarge the image of the moth on the movie poster, you can see that the skull pattern looks like a group of naked women arranged to look like a skull. The title “In Voluptas Mors” could possibly be translated to say “In pleasure, there is death,” although I’ve also seen it translated as “Voluptuous Death.” Either way, the symbolism is trying to link sex and death, which does a great job of creating a creepy atmosphere for a horror film.

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    Ordered a t-shirt for my son. Fantastic choice of colours available for the shirts and designs and it arrived quickly – will definitely use Streetshirts again!

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