South park Buren Ruzie Heren shirt. She could have had acid in her bag. MPs have been assaulted & killed. He did the right thing, she should not have entered the room. Dorothy Tait Equating an obviously peaceful protest to situations where politicians have actually been harmed or killed is revolting. Dorothy Tait where exactly was she hiding a weapon, acid or whatever she was in an evening gown with her hands full, she was trying to pass him not attack him. Women want equal rights. If it had been a man then the mp would have been praised to the hilt. Kay, I agree with you. I thought about Jo Cox today too and thought the same. People have no idea what peoples intentions are when they demonstrate. This was inside a building where was the security, how did they get in.

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South park Buren Ruzie Heren shirt. Nicky Veitch Peaceful as in nonviolent. They threatened no physical harm and this was obvious. And what on earth has Jo Cox being killed by a deranged attacker got to do with a peaceful, nonviolent protest? Nicky Veitch, this was assault and yes we can complain. Men or women. This doesn’t mean she deserved to be pushed against a pillar and grabbed. He has no right to touch her. Dorothy Tait, I am not presuming – it was Greenpeace who is nonviolent. They announced who they were. Difficult to see how scary that would be. Nicky Veitch, you mean like the big guy who stormed up to Theresa May at a press conference and was escorted quietly away? Didn’t see any Tory bully boys tackling him funnily enough.


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