The problem Sparkle Fingers Shazam Pokemon Pikachu Shirt the USA. We have been reducing emissions all along and lead the world in the reduction of emissions. The problem is with places like China and India. Their emissions continue to rise and rise. They have made no effort to curtail emissions. So, it is up to the UN to and all they do is talk. The planet wants to dupe the US into paying for the cleanup created by other countries, some with the highest % of GDP of anyone. It’s not fair. Ray Johnson, Theresa Dixon, so you’re saying that because the US has done “enough” we don’t have to do more? That’s reasonable thinking when splitting a dinner bill, but climate change is much more serious. If, as you say, China, India, and the Middle East aren’t doing “enough” is that reason to say screw it? You’re saying you don’t want to do more to save ourselves because others haven’t don’t enough to help in your opinion.

Sparkle Fingers Shazam Pokemon Pikachu Shirt, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt, sweater, and ladies-tee


ladies tee


V neck T-shirt

Best Sparkle Fingers Shazam Pokemon Pikachu Shirt

That’s Sparkle Fingers Shazam Pokemon Pikachu Shirt! And as I stated in my original comment, you’re making the issue political rather than environmental. Theresa Dixon I have no idea what you’re trying to say with “bring us the finished, and disposable, products.” Yes, we sent recyclables to China. Yes, they have severely restricted what they will take … mostly because Americans are stupid and lazy and put trash in with their recycling. I didn’t blame China, so please explain what you’re saying. Cindy Tellkamp Penfold, we can’t do anymore without financially collapsing our country. Then what? Then we can’t help anyone. You need to get a grip on reality. There needs to be international law intervention. We can’t do enough in our country to make up for all those other countries


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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