Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation Shirt. Mike this is a British deal, EU has no saying in the GF-Agreement- we only try to protect our borders – I’m sure you’ll remember that the UK wanted the same thing and went about shouting ‘bout this prior to the Brexit-vote. Moving on here. Mike Seddon, there has to be a proper border, it’s the will of the people, securing our borders and all that, taking back control. I’m so pleased you can see what utter madness this whole Brexit debacle is and agree it should be instantly stopped. If you have any information please take it to the police. It’s disgusting that remainers are using a threat of violence returning to stop Brexit. Hang your heads in shame! Nobody and I means nobody wants to ever go back there. Never.

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Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation Shirt. Wilma McLean, you can be sure it never was & never will be Northern Ireland even I was born & bred there! will fail to find a match to Northern ?? like the British who want to stay in Ireland despite being the blood & the soil British! Mark Hunt, I can’t believe so-called educated people haven’t a clue. The EU said on the fly on the wall documentary that they would use the border in Ireland to scupper Brexit. There’s a common travel area between the UK and the ROI since 1925 and it will still exist after Brexit. The reason there was a hard border was because of the terrorist campaign being waged on NI by republican terrorists. Checkpoints existed to check vehicles for bombs, guns, etc crossing over into NI. Those checkpoints all went after the GFA and all army watchtowers dismantled. Now, who is going to start terrorizing NI again?


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