They will just increase their prices for everyone else to Stethoscope St. Louis Cardinals shirt By Motefees Store the gap. The only thing this ruling will do is make already obscene prices for healthcare even higher. Steve Wardle Whichever Judge decided this should be struck off. Waste of time and resources having it appealed and won. Aoife McKenna Madison And then what about the other poor saps? The money should go into a pool.  Chris Evans, It is grossly disproportionate. He can get it fixed for way less. If it was a punitive fine for consistent misbehavior then maybe. No one person should receive anywhere near billions. Richard Coleman, You have to be careful about how much regulation is placed on new drugs. Already some drugs can take over 10 years to get into the NHS and healthcare systems. Drugs have the potential to save lives every day.

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Stethoscope St. Louis Cardinals shirt By Motefees Store. Whilst I agree that the payout is stupidly high, there are a LOT of side effects of anti-psychotics that are people are not told about, but are actually well known by the drug companies and doctors. Hopefully cases like this will force companies and those prescribing these medications, to be far more transparent. Often, people are simply swapping one illness/condition for another. Ian Stumpf Yeah… I’m inclined towards: “The man deserves compensation, but not nearly this much.” This seems like the sort of judgment that just raises the prices of medicine for everyone.


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