Stevie Nicks 53rd Anniversary 1966 2019 shirt. Chris Shaw Yes that would work, but Spain has an out. It claims that Gibraltar is Spanish territory. If the UK leaves the EU then the Spanish can say that Gibraltar reverts to their full jurisdiction. It’s Britain that is the invader. The UK cannot invoke the article against a country that is legally defending its own territory. Alistair Ritchie, you forgot to mention the rights and democratically decided wishes of the peoples who reside in these countries. Did not Scotland, Gibraltar and the Falklands all decide by a referendum that they wanted to remain British? Or doesn’t that matter?

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Stevie Nicks 53rd Anniversary 1966 2019 shirt. It’s not John Bolton’s job to organize trade deals. Any trade deal would have to be passed by Congress where the Democrats have a majority and they’ve already said the UK would not get s favorable deal if we do anything that damages the Irish economy and specifically the Good Friday agreement. Yes US wants to own the UK entirely then tell us what to do and when to do it. Bit by bit? NHS first then anything else that is profitable. In return? Our children will be on the frontline of more major conflicts so the US can steal more oil and any other resources they want. Some deal!


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