Jerry Collins His firing was a Stitch drink Dr pepper shirt. Nice of you to put foreigners before your own people.  Your media is corrupt, your journalists ignore facts, your Prime Minister is a hypocrite and you re-elected him and validated his behavior. Why? What exactly is it that you are trying to prove? In America, we see a leader who plays dress-up in other countries, humiliates Canadians on the world stage, does not practice what he preaches, promises grandiose spending and higher taxes, does not face any consequences for being racist (four times) and has no regard for the truth. Very pleased Farage and the party came to his senses in hopefully standing to take votes only in places where it would support vote count against the other parties namely the ones wanting to remain.

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Stitch drink Dr pepper shirt. You do realize that the Brexit party will split the vote in the seats the Tories are not expected to win. Corinne Abbott Haddow Mark that’s why they said they are not standing in places where conservatives won in 2017. Kirk Gannaway Haddow Mark its the same trick, the right-wing, use in the Australian election divide and conquer. Jules Drngtn I hear he’s been brought off by the promise of a peerage. He’ll always be a Count in my eyes… Garry Paul Campbell Jules Drngtn and heard he’s in line to be Johnson’s special envoy to the USA!! Methinks trumps fingerprints are all over this one!! Jim Robertson Hypocrites and political opportunists. Utterly shallow and self-serving. They are not even being subtle in their pursuit of votes and power. No wonder Westminster has lost the trust of the electorate.


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