Super Heroes Pitbull Pitbullvenger shirt. Nicky Veitch, I’m with you on this one. We know there is a fight or flight. If you are a fight instinct kicks in. I know because I’ve done it. I can never look on and keep my mouth shut it’s not who I am. He reacted in his own way. She could have had a gun. Who was to know? You go charging in shouting the odds suffer the consequences. Women want equal rights. If it had been a man then the mp would have been praised to the hilt. Kay, I agree with you. I thought about Jo Cox today too and thought the same. People have no idea what peoples intentions are when they demonstrate. This was inside a building where was the security, how did they get in. Muir People did intervene but were unable to save her. Also, completely revolting of you to compare a knife attack by a deranged person with a peaceful protest.

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Super Heroes Pitbull Pitbullvenger shirt. Nicky Veitch, you know how these protestors behaved, you watched the video, right? You have an excellent imagination but focus on what the footage gives you and stop 2nd guessing. Marc Roe, she was trespassing and he felt threatened. Have you never been in a situation at a club, or party or worse a terrorist incident and someone that shouldn’t be there marches in. Are you saying you or others you have seen didn’t react and match that person straight back out again? The protesters were in the wrong, his reactions were spot on. Well said, Nicky Veitch. Equality shouldn’t just be hand picking the bits one thinks are nice! If the protester had been a man and the MP had reacted the same way then all the press reports would be praising the MP for his heroic action.


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