I also think nurses should be Things I trust more than Donald Trump’s shirt to train as doctors. There are many nurses out there that know more than some med students and are better at patient care. They should be allowed free entry onto a fast track medical degree course if they have proven experience in the field. Helen Archer Marvin Arbitron they don’t need to become doctors they can be Nurse practitioners, senior nurse managers, etc. When you have already got the debt from one degree to pay off you don’t want to start again on a 5-year course. Tong Gorokh Just a reminder. The Tories voted 22 times against the creation of the NHS. Because it was “Hitlerian” to threat all people for free. Pete Wilkes sounds good to me. Why is it not happening? Our own training should come first. We need to know why people here are not training and address it. Soon, please.

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Things I trust more than Donald Trump’s shirt. Nurses and doctors are born, caring individuals and do not go into the profession for monetary gain. In Scotland, September 1973 and 17 years old I went into Nursing training for Children in the Royal Hospital for Children in Edinburgh. I was given a nice room, everything provided and a salary that suited all if that to learn to help people in need. Simone Kretschmer Haslam Pete Wilkes you are right! And I think that is how it used to be … doctors having to commit to serving the NHS for a number of years! Jade Harwood Pete Wilkes that’s not going to happen under a tory government who took what you described away


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