Thug Pac Sublimation Dryfit Shirt. How wonderful that Holly got through this and we have a great hospital Addenbrooks in Cambridge to save her life they also saved my life too which I will be forever great full. I hope Holly continues to keep well I wish her all the best for the future. Holly, I am so happy for your fantastic recovery and the wonderful doctors that you had!! 8 years ago I had a very serious stroke where the hospital had to copter me to a special neurological hospital for surgery cos my brain was full of blood! This dr was WONDERFUL as yours were so yes I thank God I survived too!! God Bless you forever! Brilliant work by the cardiovascular/ neuro team. Rare as they are, Strokes do happen in younger people. Urgent and prompt action helps to save a life and/ or minimize the risk of complications and long term disability.

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Thug Pac Sublimation Dryfit Shirt. Great to see the lovely vibrant Holly on the recovery path. Remember folks, of you, suspect, get urgent help! I was 16 when I had my stroke. I walk but I have a limp and I cannot use my left arm. Fortunately, I have met some great people over the years. I never think about what I am not able to do physically, I focus on what I can do. It is very rare but it can happen to children. It came as a surprise to me when a child of similar age with a-typical symptoms ended up being diagnosed with a CVA. I hope like Holly, said the child made a full recovery. It’s horrible my boy had a stroke at the age of 2 is 3 now he has a long way to go yet but is doing well stay strong your doing so well bless you


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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