I used to go out with a nurse. A very clever and very Unicorn beurk des gens shirt. Her brother was a surgeon and I asked her once if she’d ever wanted to be a doctor. She was horrified and said nothing was all she’d ever wanted to do, that nursing was the ‘caring profession’. Think they should have the chance of they want it, but many see it isn’t necessarily a step up, just a different job – a bit like the difference between an accountant and a taxman – all money but different goals. God prevent us from ever having to lie Labour in power again. Nasty people and a truly nasty party. Robert Regan Pete Wilkes has been saying that for years also do the same for doctors. Another thing would be to build 2 new colleges for each so we can train more. There are lots of people who would probably like to train as either but not enough places.

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Unicorn beurk des gens shirt. What rubbish. Remember the financial crash. Remember how Labour spurred led it all up against the wall. How about commissioned PFI projects so it didn’t appear as fov3rnmwht borrowing – we still owe £55bn on that little gem. Remember how Labour as well I ceased funding- and most of that money was taken up in salary increases – hospital CEO’s on twice what the PM earns and people like.my ex getting a pay increase from £14k to £42k in the space of 6-months – because she did parts of jobs, the paid her for all.of those jobs as if she was doing them full time – which clearly she wasn’t. Disgraceful.


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    Thanks again for an amazing t-shirt. Top-quality as always. You also have a great range of colors and styles of shirts. The site is very easy to use. I designed my t-shirt in minutes.

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