A Beswick and then they go and Unicorn Rainbow Food Lion shirt in private agencies, having being trained by taxpayers money! That’s why there are so many foreign nurses, they are more reliable! Lynne Cavalli, Why don’t they reinstate the Bursary for nurses and create more training facilities for our own young people? Lynne Cavalli the British nurses that the government pays to be trained to end up going to work in agencies because they get more money! Mavis Valerie Webster We should be training our own young people to be doctors and nurses, not in universities, but in hospitals where you learn to nurse, with day release for 1 day at school, back to basics, and infection control, and sterilizing. Mike Davies Lynne Cavalli And force Universities to keep so many med places open to UK residents only, instead of selling them off to Chinese and Iranian students.

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Unicorn Rainbow Food Lion shirt. You go on about the Tories wanting to get rid of the NHS. When in fact It was actually Tony Blair that started to sell off the NHS when he became Prime Minister with his New Labour in 1997. People are always quick to blame the Conservatives for everything when in fact it isn’t always their fault. Joe Mason Sharon Seed it’s not really relevant who started it.. I want to know who will stop it. Tom Kelly Lynne Cavalli no profit in it, they want a debt-based system, where someone can make a guaranteed income from it. The motive is always money based. Helen Archer Sharon Seed it was Thatcher that started outsourcing to private companies and john major who started PFIs. It was the current bunch who got rid of nursing bursaries in England.


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