Freedom to Viking just kill it Nike shirt an opinion. all gone..but not for Islamic followers. all wrong, wake up the world. Should have been fired 20-odd years ago – he’s always been an obnoxious racist, sexist homophobe free to spout his views on a sports program! Cherry may not be politically correct, but he was not wrong. Martin Appleby, They are getting there with the quality of these fakes. Once they are able to fool the majority of people then the media will become even more untrustworthy. Best avoiding media in general and getting information from the source when possible. Shame on anyone who got their panties in a knot over this. Shame and disgust if you hypocritically support Trudeau and wanted Cherry fired over his comments.

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Viking just kill it Nike shirt. He is right, they are bad not adopting the culture they moved too. Far too many think they can just behave poorly.  I believe the BBC insists that everyone who appears on a live tv show during Poppy Appeal time must wear a poppy. It is nice to see them wearing poppies, but I feel that if someone chooses not to wear a poppy for whatever reason, they have a right to do so. Now some may just not bother, some may choose out of ignorance or some may have a reason that justifies to themselves whether or not to wear one. Being free to make a choice is what those who died in War did for us. Forcing anyone to wear a Poppy or making any type of generalizations as to why anyone is not wearing them takes away what the Poppy means. To those who choose to wear a poppy to celebrate our freedoms and remember those who died we give our respect.


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