Vintage Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads Shirt. Since they don’t understand I really recommend the communist China to cut all ties with Hong Kong including water and power and let its 7 million to enjoy the sunshine of freedom in their last remaining three days on earth. Paul Howell UK took Hong Kong from China in 1841 and caused all this trouble from then on. It is the west’s responsibility to feed and water the people. Any life lost in Hong Kong would be counted on the west’s doomsday book. Do you talk as if you have plans to confiscate HK back into western control? Do you feel you did wrong in handing Chinese land back to China? Just as France has huge regret for granting independence to Algeria…. it seems.

Vintage Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads Shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt





Best Vintage Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads Shirt

In Vintage Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads Shirt to look like Hong Kong was handed back to China in fact it was not it was supposed to be slowly done over 50 years in 1999 they didnt expect the internet to be around and thought they could like about the way they are handing back in hong kong. I don’t have the figures right now. But we have a different source of food, e.g majority of rice is from Thailand. Water from the reservoirs, yes, some EXTRA amount of water are BOUGHT from China and the price is much higher than Singapore get that from Malaysia. And we basically pour back to the Ocean. We have our own electricity generator. I suggest you can Google before your 100% comment. Thank you.


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