Time to dismantle everything and Wassup wit it shirt with the original plans for what it was set up for in the beginning. Frank Simpson That is neither Macron or Merkle, and it is they, as the leaders of the 4th Reich that are the root cause of all the problems within NATO. Sadly, the largely ill-educated leftists from around the world and closer to home, don’t understand anything but the sheep-like bleating of the haters of progress. Daz Vallis There wouldn’t be any cracks if Erdogan hadn’t gone rogue and if the French and Germans actually paid what they agreed to (2% of GDP). Kevin Scott With Brexit shambles and NATO creaking, Putin’s plans are working and the Russians are laughing their socks off.

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Wassup wit it shirt. The UK in exchange for Brexit should help France with its European army… Pledge troops under British command. Daz Vallis Ken Lee one of the reasons so many members of the U.K. Armed Forces voted for Brexit is because we don’t want to serve in an EU military!  Anne Elliott Ken Lee Macron has been one of the worst critics of Briton leaving the EU so why would the UK back him. Joe Cally Ejesi It still baffles me yet depressing that 43% of the Americans truly voted for this hopeless lying disgusting orange entity… Yomi Micheal Scofield Adelola Don’t lose an artery hating on trump. he is not the reason for your misfortunes. 4more yrs, better get used to it.


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