However, all attention is necessary, as apex predator as lions or even leopards are relatively intelligent and curious animals. If somebody stands up and detaches himself from the rest of the “beast mass”, the predator may be curious and while in doubt if that is a part of the large beast or is something else separate it may then investigate or attack. In case of an attack, we all can imagine what happens. If it starts to investigate too close, many tourists may lose their nerves, stand up and even run… which will be the worst mistake, as the predator will then be sure that it is a prey and will start chasing (hunting reflex), and they run much faster than any of us.

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In safaris, where people can get very close to wild animal (being there and it is amazing to stay on 2 meters aways from lions eating a carcass), there is a theory that seems to work: animals see the vehicle and their occupants altogether as a “big beast”. I will reproduce here Sergio Diniz’s answer to When using safari vehicles or any vehicle where people are taking pictures of animals in Africa, what keeps predators from attacking the people in the vehicles?


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