The light came on and I realized her friend was on the couch. Eyes WIDE open with me only inches from her face. I hear a “good morning!” and instinctively jumped back. There I was standing in the middle of the living room now, hard, and nothing to cover up with. This goes back to when I was really young; about 9, i’de say. It was at our church we used to go to. Everyone was getting ready for a potluck, like we often times did, so, there was time to get into mischief! There was a little room in the back of the fellowship area where us younger kids would play. Next to this room was a bathroom. However, this bathroom was unique in that it had two entrances; two doors, at different walls.

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Now you must understand that we were younger kids and sometimes would play around in that bathroom when it was empty (hide in the shower, etc.). Well, this time was different. I was looking for one of my friends and realized he must have been hiding in the bathroom like we sometimes did when we played games; it made sence. Both doors were closed, so what I did next was an outrageous blunder: I opened one of the doors. Much to my surprise, my friend wasn’t in there

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