Chinese people have this thing for fair skin and coloured eyes. I have noticed a lot of Chinese tourists in India who come for travel and pilgrimage to Buddha circuit that they re very fond of fair skinned children. If the child is black or brown, they’ll simply ignore them but the moment they find an European looking kid they’ll go crazy with their camera. Also Chinese tourists carry really high end cameras, while Indians, Europeans and Americans believe clicking poor kids in black and white setting (show them a beggar at any traffic signals in India and they’ll go crazy), Chinese simply do the opposite. I don’t think it is about racism but more about showing happiness and prosperity. Or may be your child is really cute. Here’s how you can help your baby feel relaxed so that you can have peace and quiet yourself.

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Give the baby some times to play and wind down before he or she goes to sleep. Don’t get the baby worked up with vigorous games, or bedtime will be that much more difficult. Put on some soothing music. This could be slow, quiet lullabies, classical music that your baby likes or just any soothing music. Make sure it is not loud or it will keep your baby awake. Pick the baby up and place him on your chest or in your arms. Slowly rock him back and forwards, and pat him on the back very gently. You shouldn’t do this too hard, just enough to soothe him and help him or her sleep. When asleep, put the baby in bed. Crib bumpers, pillows, and blankets are no longer considered safe for young babies. If your baby still does not fall asleep, rock him or walk around with him in your arms so that the motion will soon lull him to sleep.


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