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What happens on the boat stays on the boat shirt

Occasionally we will get someone, but I think the word is out on the street. Here is one of my most recent encounters. One of my female employees came up to me and said “hey will you come and help me, I have a big lady that is stealing and I am going to confront […]

Unicorn try my new recipe they’re called shut the fucupcakes shirt

After brooding on the problem for a few days I was ready for the challenge. To cut to the chase, “Mother” duly arrived and decided that it was time that we started planning our family on the basis that time waits for no man and she wasn’t getting any younger. Having lit the touchpaper without […]

Super dad super husband super awesome beekeeper shirt  

They had a very nice maid who was bringing in food from the Kitchen. My girlfriends Mother turned out to be the Bitch from Hell and treated the maid as if she were dirt. I come from a very wealthy european family who treated the household staff like family. In fact, the maid got to […]

We didn’t practice social distancing baby on the way shirt

My wife was confused, because that’s not something she’d ever heard of before. My wife asked the woman what the woman meant by headache money. The woman answered, “When the mister from my previous employer wanted to make love to his wife, sometimes she would tell him that she had a headache and send him […]

Viking Never Underestimate An Old Man With Native Blood shirt  

He demanded I get rid of ALL trees close to his fence because of his sewer line, he said. I pointed out that I have a sewer line right there with no trouble. He started to poison and kill my trees – 1. I had a beautiful Montery Pine die of beetle infestation. The strange […]

Sunflower American flag tough enough to be a wife of a grumpy old man crazy enough to love him shirt

The defense asked him to show this amazing ability. He held up his hands to show where the wall was, then stuck his head around and showed how he could see around it. No further questions from the defense. I sent my boy to live with my mom. I was so sad and empty and […]

Sunflower American flag I’m not spoiled my husband just love me shirt

I was on the freshman swim team in a private high school so the usual P.E. routine of calisthenics and running track did not apply to swim team members. As such, our P.E. was the last period of the day and attire was a swim suit and not much else. For reasons not important, I […]

Vintage Llama I won’t fluff your pillow but alpaca wound shirt

When I was 10, just entering puberty, I stayed the night at the house of a kid who’s mom worked with my mom. We weren’t really friends but we had just moved to this kid’s neighborhood from across town and my mom and his mom thought we ought to be friends. So, I go over, […]

You had a chance until I stepped on the ice shirt

The picture I took at Google random from some car dealership in Georgia. Of course, the steering wheel was on the other side in my dad’s car, and he had a badge bar in front with a RAC badge and a Medway Yacht Club badge on it. Details. Suspect dislikes being physically pushed or pulled […]

True detective 06th anniversary 2014 2020 thank you for the memories shirt

I’d like to remind you of three things. Firstly, before I started you signed a form agreeing to the price. Secondly, after I finished you signed a form saying you were happy that the work had been completed to a sufficiently high standard. Thirdly, I have your car keys.Prior to entering the Navy, I was […]